Best Mac Antivirus Software in 2023: Detailed overview (USA)

Do you think that keeping away from dubious websites will keep your Mac safe? 

Hackers have many advanced ways to infect your Mac. Therefore, you need the best Mac antivirus software to protect your data and system. If a virus enters your system, the consequences could be fatal. 

In addition, viruses can induce a wide range of malicious behaviors, such as the ability to control your Mac, keep an eye on your online accounts, or watch you through your webcam.

What is antivirus software?

Antivirus software is a computer program created to prevent, detect, and remove software viruses from the system. Through a proactive approach to cyber security, this software stops threats from harming your computer.

Is antivirus needed for Mac?

macOS have always been regarded as very safe and secure operating systems, and the widespread belief is that Macs are immune to malware and viruses. However, this is not true.

But will opting for best mac antivirus software help?

Yes, macOS is vulnerable to infection by viruses and other malware, much like other operating systems. In addition, various security firms have found several viruses and malware aimed exclusively at macOS.

Downloading antivirus software on your Mac adds an extra layer of security, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing. For a Mac, antivirus software offers an added benefit. However, it’s crucial to remember that antivirus software is not impenetrable either. 

Is antivirus needed for Mac?

Your Mac could contract a new, unknown infection even with antivirus software installed. Malwarebytes reports that from 2019 to 2020, more harmful adware rates decreased, but the number of significant malware attacks found on Macs climbed by 61 percent.

How to choose the Best Antivirus Software for Mac?

Choosing the best antivirus software for your Mac can be challenging.

How to choose the Best Antivirus Software for Mac?

In particular, you should look for the following features on your Mac:

  • Automatic searches for downloaded files
  • Frequently scheduled scans to look for malware or viruses
  • Constantly updated threat database
  • Detection of malware
  • Capacity to restore any modifications made by malware on your computer or to fix any issues
  • A favored Mac application

Best Antivirus Software for Mac

From a sea of antivirus available for Mac in the market, here’s a list of the 9 best Mac antivirus software.

#1. TotalAV Free Antivirus

TotalAV Free Antivirus offers essential protection against online threats such as adware, spyware, viruses, and malware. In addition, the software includes optimization tools to boost the performance of your computer. The software offers excellent value for money due to advanced protection against several online threats with affordable subscription costs.


  • Malware, adware, spyware, and virus protection
  • Online threat protection
  • Mac cleaner & optimization


  • Antivirus Pro: $2.42 per month
  • Internet Security: $3.25 per month
  • Total Security: $4.92 per month
  • Trial: No, 30-day money-back guarantee

#2. Malwarebytes for Mac

Malwarebytes for Mac is a top-rated application that prevents your system against a whole range of online attacks. In addition, the application can quickly scan the device removing malicious apps and other types of online threats from your device.


  • Malware removal
  • Ransomware protection
  • Malicious sites protection
  • VPN protection


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium (1 device): $3.33 per month
  • Premium (5 devices): $6.67 per month
  • Premium + Privacy: $8.33 per month
  • Trial: Yes, 14-day

#3. Avira

The best free antivirus software for Macs is Avira. The antivirus application can detect and remove all current online threats. Through its secured VPN, it additionally provides data safety. With this antivirus software for apps, you may safely download and purchase items online.


  • Protection against malware
  • VPN security
  • Boosting device efficiency
  • Ad tracker deletion


  • Basic (5 devices): Free Premium ($7.75–$9.99/month)
  • Premium (25 devices): $10.025 -$12.99/month

#4. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Another reasonably priced antivirus system, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, protects the system against various online threats and offers adequate internet security. In addition, the solution gives Time Machine Protection (TPM), a feature uncommon among other Mac antivirus apps.


  • Ransomware protection
  • VPN protection with adware removal and blocking
  • Online Security
  • Time Machine Protection (TMP)


  • $3.33 – 7.50/month
  • Trial: Yes, 30-day

#5. Norton 360

Norton 360 is one of the most reliable antivirus applications for Mac devices, where you can password-protect your files against several online threats. In addition, the antivirus application can operate on current and previous versions of the Mac operating system.


  • Secure VPN
  • Password protection
  • Smart Firewall
  • Cloud Backup
  • SafeCam


  • Standard: $7.08 monthly
  • Deluxe: $8.75 monthly
  • Trial: Yes, 30-day

#6. Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac is an affordable solution with a user-friendly interface to protect against multiple online threats, including malicious websites, emails, and antivirus. In addition, the child protection function enables you to protect kids from phishing and other threats.


  • Ransomware protection
  • Advanced AI learning
  • Email scam protection
  • Payment protection
  • Child online protection


  • Antivirus + Security: $3.33/month
  • Maximum Security: $7.50/month
  • Trial: Yes, 30-day

#7. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the best free antivirus apps for Mac that protects against different online threats. The app also comes with a free VPN for secure online browsing.


  • VPN protection
  • Malware and anti-phishing
  • Secure payments
  • Hacker protection

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  • It starts at $3.33 per month for one device.

#8. Avast

Avast comes with free and paid versions that you can select based on your requirements. The free version offers protection against online viruses, web and email threats, and public Wi-Fi threats. In contrast, the premium version offers advanced security, i.e., against Wi-Fi and ransomware attacks.


  • Malware protection
  • Wi-Fi intruder alert
  • Web & email shield
  • Ransomware protection


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $5.83 monthly
  • Trial: Yes, 30-day

#9. Sophos

Sophos Home is another free antivirus application with parental website filtering, malware protection, and online protection. In addition, the remote management feature of the Sophos antivirus application allows the user to protect multiple devices from a single console.


  • Remote management
  • Malware protection
  • Mac Web protection
  • Parental website filtering
  • Ransomware protection


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $4.99 monthly
  • Trial: Yes, 30-day

Final Words: Best Mac Antivirus Software

We have analyzed best Mac antivirus software so that you have a wide selection when choosing the best antivirus application for Mac devices.

If you’re looking for the top Mac antivirus software with ransomware defense, we suggest Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, Malwarebytes for Mac, Sophos Home, and Avast.

Avira, Sophos Home, and Avast are three of the top free antivirus applications for Mac computers. 

The top four antivirus programs for defending against internet threats are Malwarebytes for Mac, Kaspersky Internet Security, Bitdefender Antivirus, and Avira.

FAQs: Best Mac Antivirus Software

Still have doubts? Have a look the FAQs to understand better.

Does a Mac need antivirus?

Yes, Mac computers are not immune to viruses, malware, and other online attacks. Apple’s built-in antivirus, XProtect, protects against widely known threats.

However, it cannot compete with specialized malware research groups, third-party antivirus applications that offer regular system scans, and performance features like cookie blacklists and cache cleaning.

What should I look for in a Mac antivirus?

When choosing the best antivirus software for you, consider the level of security it offers and the premium features that matter most. Your antivirus software should, at the absolute least, check for viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, and other threats and provide real-time protection against them.

In addition, ensure the solution you select has complete web protection, as it should also police and prohibit phishing activity via plugins or extensions.

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