What is the Best Antivirus for Small Businesses?

In this digital age, where everything & everyone is on the web, businesses are prone to data breaches. They are susceptible to cyber thieves because they store customer and, occasionally, employee data on local devices. Also, small businesses are one of the easiest targets for cybercriminals due to a lack of awareness and cybersecurity measures. 

Thus, it’s vital for small businesses to spend money on cyber security. Fortunately, the best antivirus for small businesses can assist in protecting against such threats and minimizing the effects of a potential assault. 

Do Small Businesses Need Antivirus?

Small business owners should not ignore the significance of the best antivirus for small business. Malware targets both individuals and organizations. Modern antivirus software solutions for small businesses do more than just check for computer viruses. Contemporary business-oriented antivirus software guards against:

  • Traditional Viruses
  • Trojan Horses
  • Ransomware
  • Rootkits

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How Much Does an Antivirus Cost for Small Business?

The cost of the best antivirus for small business varies greatly, and different antivirus solutions charge differently depending on the packages you select. Big names like Avast or McAfee charge around $34.68–$44.28 and $39.99–$89.99, respectively, to cover 1-10 devices. Malwarebytes has a higher price of $59.99–$99.99 for up to 5 devices. 

On the contrary, players like Norton charge $19.99 – $39.99 to cover 1-5 devices, and Vipre will protect only one device at $32.99 – $52.99.

Is Cheap Antivirus Software Worth It?

Using cheap antivirus software is only considered if you are willing to give up some functionalities, which the best antivirus for small business could offer. There are solutions that offer affordable services while still offering enough security.

Financially, choosing a less expensive antivirus makes sense as long as it does not increase the risk to your gadgets and you’re satisfied with the level of security it offers.

To avoid malicious activities, take advantage of a free trial of the best antivirus software for small businesses. A free trial is a fantastic way to check out the antivirus’s features without paying any money. You can choose to purchase the full version after the trial period is over.

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Should Small Businesses Get Free Antivirus?

There are tons of free antivirus programs available. However, unlike the best antivirus for small business, these free antivirus applications either have minimal features or will nag you with pop-up advertisements. 

Should Small Businesses Get Free Antivirus?

The biggest red flag about free antiviruses is that they could gather and sell user data. Unless you don’t mind some pop-up ads, you can get free antivirus software for your device if you are getting the security you need.

Should Small Businesses Try Pre-Installed Antivirus Software?

Some operating systems come with pre-installed free antivirus software. While it is convenient and offers a reasonable level of security, it is not entirely reliable. These may lack essentials like a password manager, firewall, or VPN. Thus, for complete protection, investing in the best antivirus software for small business is wise.

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How to Choose Antivirus for Business?

Security is crucial for any business. So, choosing antivirus software based solely on popularity or price isn’t wise. You need to understand which characteristics are essential to keep your company secure. While selecting the best antivirus software for small business, look for the following:

  • Protection against malware
  • Company history
  • Which & how many devices can it support
  • If it meets the device’s security requirements
  • Valuable extras like a firewall, a password manager, VPN, email protection, parental controls, and browsing protection
  • OS Support
  • Price

Final Takeaway

Before investing in antivirus software, you must first explore the top ones. McAfee is a great option for real-time malware detection along with identity protection, firewall, etc. 

Norton is one of the best antivirus for small businesses looking for 100% malware detection and protection at a reasonable price.

However, not all small businesses need the complete package of antivirus software. So, do your research & pick the best antivirus for small business that best suits your business needs.

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