5 Best Antivirus Free Software For Small Businesses

A system without an antivirus and a house with open doors have no difference. Both are likely to be robbed by a robber or a virus, respectively. From a student to a professional, we all may have valuable information on our computers/systems that need protection from viruses, phishing attempts, and malware.  

Among various antivirus programs available today, small businesses look for the best antivirus free of cost for their system to keep sensitive and valuable information secure.

Based on several factors, such as safety, usage, and flexibility, we have developed a list of the 5 best free antivirus programs that ensure maximum protection for your files and personal information. 

5 Best Antivirus Free For Small Businesses

Free antivirus software can minimize security risks to an extent. After researching various antivirus software, here are a few you should consider installing:-

best Antivirus Comparison Table

#1. Avast Antivirus

Avast ranks high in nearly every “best list” of antivirus programs and is used by hundreds of millions of people for a good reason.


#1. File Quarantine

It stores all the infected files and programs in the Quarantine folder, which can be restored or deleted as per your choice.

#2. Hack Alerts

This feature scans the web and checks if any of your sensitive details, like email ids, passwords, etc., have been leaked online. 

#3. Wi-Fi Inspector

The Wi-Fi Inspector scans your network and ensures that your network is free from any threats. 

#4. Firewall Protection

It runs all kinds of scans and comes with a Firewall that prevents your device from harmful external traffic and stops malware from accessing apps on your system via the Internet. 

#5. Do Not Disturb Mode

Its DND mode mutes all the notifications and comes with s a clean, highly customizable, and attractive interface.

#6. Software Updater

This feature checks if any of your software is outdated and provides a helpful ‘Update Now’ button beside them, allowing you to run another antivirus program simultaneously. 

#7. Customized settings for privacy

Hidden deep within Avast’s settings, an option allows users to manage how their usage data is collected and used, unlike other antivirus programs.

Add-ons allow you to increase protection.Frequent pop-ups & notifications
Scans public Wi-Fi networks for potential hackersPassword manager and some other tools included are trial only.
Network security scannerLimited password management features
Passive mode in case you run another antivirus programRequires additional permissions to use some features like anti-theft protection
98.60 % detection of recent Android malwareSetting up a custom scan required more taps than we hoped

2. AVG Antivirus

AVG is one of the best antivirus free for pc, developed by AVG Technologies with over 30+ years of experience, and supports multiple devices. During lab testing, AVG scored well and achieved a perfect 18/18 in AV-Test’s most recent report,


#1. Various Shields Available

Its important shields include File Shield, Behavior Shield, Web Shield, Mail Shield, etc., warning you of suspicious web links and blocking such email attachments. 

#2. Firewall Protection 

AVG is a lightweight program that offers firewall protection which you need to install manually.

#3. Network Inspector

This keeps a check on your network and prevents any unwanted traffic or troubleshooting hardware errors.

#4. Hack Alerts

This option is inbuilt and notifies you if your passwords or sensitive credentials are leaked online. 

#5. Multiple Scan Modes

It provides advanced scanning modes, including Deep Scan, File or Folder Scan, Boot-time Scan, USB/DVD Scan, and Performance Scan. 

#6. Advanced threat detection

It enables rootkit detection, hardcore mode, and CyberCapture technology, which helps detect threats in unrecognized files.

#7. File shredder tool 

This tool allows you to overwrite files using a few different data sanitization methods.

Updates automatically (definitions and the program).Shows features you can’t enable in the free version.
File shredderDoesn’t officially support Windows Vista or XP.
Lots of customization optionsSlow full-system scans
Offers real-time protectionAlmost no extra features
Simultaneously protected multiple devicesIt slows down your computer more than other antivirus programs

#3. Avira

Avira Security Antivirus is an award-winning German Antivirus with over 100 million downloads. Being one of the best antivirus free to use, it supports multiple devices and comes loaded with all the essential security features.


#1. Real-Time Protection

It provides complete real-time security against malware and prevents viruses from making -any changes to your device. 

#2. Firewall Protection

The firewall blocks all the unwanted traffic coming through your network.

#3. File Shredder

It enables the permanent deletion of any infected or sensitive files.

#4. Password Manager and VPN

Avira offers a password manager accessible and a free VPN with a 500 MB limit per month. 

#5. Fully cloud operated

The ‘Protection Cloud’ feature allows Avira’s antivirus tool to detect and stop threats before they become a problem. 

#6. Top-notch optimization tools

Its privacy and performance optimization tools clean out cookies and junk files and repair any hidden privacy settings that leak personal information on the internet.

#7. Consume fewer system resources 

Since it operates on the cloud, it works on low system resources.

Great basic protection and flexible featuresFrequent pop-ups & notifications
Optional additional downloadable protection layers.Add-on components often require a fee to be fully functional.
Incredibly high level of threat detection.Much slower compared with other free competitors
Protects against ransomware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, worms, other malware, and spyware.The scan function will always scan all files over and over again.
Sends potentially malicious files to the cloudOnly available on Windows

#4. Kaspersky

It is one of the most powerful and best antivirus free trial programs used by over 270 k+ companies around the world and offers robust features.

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#1. Multiple Virus Scan Modes

It offers all kinds of virus scans and comes with an onscreen keyboard to prevent data leaks.

#2. Database Update

Database updates keep your antivirus updated with the latest malware codes so they can be detected effectively. 

#3. Password Manager

Kaspersky provides a free VPN and password manager to store all your online credentials securely.

#4. Hack Alerts

Its ‘Account Checks’ feature analyzes if any of your sensitive details/credentials are being leaked online and will notify you. 

#5. File Shredder

The File Shredder is useful for permanently deleting a file so that it cannot be recovered.

#6. Dedicated cloud service 

They have their own cloud storage that helps you enable cloud-based security.

#7. Boosts system efficiency 

When the computer’s system resources are low, it automatically delays scans and reduces display animations if the CPU runs too hot.

Customizable and clean user interface that’s easy to understand.Limited VPN usage
Supports idle and scheduled scanning.Must create a user account to activate the software.
Minimal impact on performanceMust renew the free license every year.
Support forums and FAQsPassword manager is limited in the free version
Free password manager (up to 15 accounts) and Kaspersky VPN (up to 200 MB per day)No firewall on the free version

#5. Windows Defender

Windows Defender is considered to be the best antivirus for Windows 11 and Windows 10 which comes inbuilt and offers amazing features.


#1. Strong Core Shields Protection

It offers all the basic shields, virus protection, threat protection, etc., and automatically scans the system every time and offers several virus scans.

#2. Firewall Protection

Its integrated Windows firewall facilitates advanced exploit protection and protection from code being injected by malware into innocent processes. 

#3. File Quarantine

It stores all the infected files and programs in the Quarantine folder. These can be restored or deleted as per your preferences. 

#4. Device Performance and Health

It checks through the Apps, Software, Storage, etc., and brings up any issues found with them. Also, its free version receives regular updates simultaneously with the paid-for version.

#5. Parental Controls

This helps you check your child’s online activity as it monitors the websites visited, implements screen time, and gets a weekly report of online activity.

#6. Comparatively Better performance 

Defender ranks 5th on our list for the best antivirus free trial program used to remove malware and has a more consistent performance history than other antivirus programs whose performance varies from month to month.

#7. Innovative sign-in options

Being fully integrated with Windows, it provides innovative sign-in options which ultimately allow you to log in with your face or fingerprint.

Minimalist design, lightweight with active scansHeavy background system impact
Solid antivirus and malware protectionNo ransomware protection
Packed with premium features like Bitdefender Photon™Only for Windows and Android
Runs automatically and quietly in the backgroundRoom for improvement on the detection
Packed with premium features like Bitdefender Photon™The installation takes longer than expected

Antivirus Comparison Table

We have compiled all information for the best antivirus free for your PC and created a comparison table to make you decide in one go.

FeaturesHack Alerts

Firewall Protection

Do Not Disturb Mode

Software Updater

Customized settings for privacy
Various Shields Available

Firewall Protection 

Network Inspector

Hack Alerts

Multiple Scan Modes

Real-Time Protection

Firewall Protection File Shredder

Password Manager and VPN

Fully cloud operated

Boost System efficiency 

Top-notch optimization tools
Database Update Password Manager

On-Screen Keyboard

Dedicated cloud service  

Free VPN

Self-Defense feature

Strong Core Shields Protection

Various Scan Modes

Device Performance and Health

Comparatively Better performance
Receives updates. The free version receives regular updates at the same time as the paid-for version.
Free TrialYes, 30 daysYes, 90 daysYes, 30 daysYes, 30 DaysYes, 30 Days
Price$69.99 USD & UP$49.99 USD & UP$39.99 USD & UP$59.99 USD & UP$39.99 USD & UP

Conclusion: Best Antivirus Free Software

With the ever-increasing number of online threats, antivirus software is necessary to shield your sensitive data from hackers and malicious programs. 

Choosing the best antivirus free trial is what we have made easy for you to choose with this article. All these programs provide comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, and other threats. Install any one of them to ensure your PC is well protected.

We hope the antivirus software discussed in this article will help you have a safe and trouble-free online experience!

FAQs: Best Antivirus Free Software

Choosing the best antivirus free software could be a challenging decision. We have mentioned a few frequently asked questions that may be tinkering with your mind:-

  1. Can I use two antiviruses simultaneously?

    With Avast antivirus, you can run another antivirus program simultaneously.

  2. Is free antivirus food for a pc?

    Yes, a free antivirus program protects your pc against common, known computer viruses for a limited time.

  3. Should I pay for the antivirus or use it for free?

    The best antivirus that is free of cost offers potent solutions, but up to a limited time duration. Therefore, one should buy an antivirus solution for more comprehensive, robust protection and several additional benefits than free solutions.

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