5 Best Free Antivirus For Android To Protect Your Smartphone

There has been discussion over whether Android needs an antivirus app for some time. Android is a fantastic platform, but it has unavoidable security issues. Wait for a second; some of you may be wondering, “What? Why is Android vulnerable?” Well, for one thing, it’s an open platform. 

Thus, you need the best free antivirus for Android to fully secure your smartphone and its data.

Securing an open platform for manufacturers and developers requires a robust and committed approach.

Android is becoming more and more popular as a mobile operating system, which has increased the number of security threats aimed at it, Including basic malware, identity theft, spyware, and sophisticated phishing.

Thus, the need for antivirus is growing daily due to a rapid increase in the number of mobile virus attacks: Yes, antivirus software is a necessity for Android smartphones. The question is: How would you choose the best free antivirus for Android smartphones?

Features to be considered before choosing the best free antivirus for Android:

Before you choose the best free antivirus for Android, consider the following features:

#1. Anti-Trojan 

This function monitors the files we add to our computer. It distinguishes between applications that might carry out covert action.

#2. Safe browsing

It enables users to navigate the web securely, preventing Browser Exploits.

#3. Blocking Access to Inappropriate Content

It allows parents to limit the amount of time their kids spend online and restrict access to inappropriate material. Thus, parental control is ensured.

#4. Anti-Rootkit

A rootkit is a type of malware that can infiltrate a system and replace essential documents with corrupt and harmful ones. It can remove specific rootkit viruses. Tragically, formatting the corrupt hard drive and installing the OS again is the most reliable way to remove a root unit.

#5. Email Security

Email Protection features of antivirus software include the ability to filter both inbound and outbound emails for questionable links and URLs leading to malicious websites. Some antivirus provides blocking and quarantine features.

#6. Virus-Updates 

Keeping up with the latest antivirus software is one of the clients’ most critical problems. Most antivirus software can be configured to connect automatically to the retailer’s website and download fresh updates as necessary.

#7. Spyware protection

Spyware is a type of malware that can steal documents and monitor the activity of a compromised PC. You can use spyware to collect information needed to access password-protected records or to see a list of websites visited.

Therefore, The Best Antivirus Software Should Offer Complete Protection Against It.

#8. Automatic Backups 

The ability to back up the data on your device, including photos and other important files.

Is having a free Android antivirus worth it?

Your smartphone needs protection. The use of malware detection tools is the only way to get it. So, is a free antivirus app for Android worth it? Any antivirus is preferable to no protection at all.

While it’s true that Android already comes with a built-in antivirus called Google Play Protect, according to AV-Comparatives, it only detects 70% of spyware. 

In addition, it has an overall malware protection rating of 81.7%. Therefore, experts strongly advise installing a third-party antivirus that could assist you in successfully protecting your device.

Are the built-in security features enough?

Free Android antivirus applications are worthwhile because they can provide you with a fundamental level of security from numerous potentially undesirable programs and irritating adverts.

Although Android’s built-in security mechanisms provide excellent foundational security, they are insufficient to keep you safe. On paper, the settings that prevent you from downloading software from sources other than the Google Play Store are beneficial.

However, there won’t be an option that prevents you from unintentionally downloading a dangerous app or code if you have rooted your phone or side-loaded programs.

These built-in security capabilities do not check your phone for threats, flag suspicious-looking websites, block calls, or stop the installation of harmful software. We recommend installing antivirus software for Android, utilizing a password manager, and doing routine software and security upgrades.

The Best Free Antivirus For Android to Protect Your Smartphone

We made sure to choose applications that provide reliable security features, whether with a free plan or a free trial. The list of the best free antivirus for Android in 2023 includes

#1. TotalAV

TotalAV Android app is quite simple to use. All features are logically arranged and easy to access. Additionally, the dashboard provides the key details regarding your security level.

The free application offers a data breach scanner that can determine whether any of your personal data has been exposed. Through memory optimization, cache file removal, and duplicate photo removal, the application will also significantly enhance the speed of your device.

Free version Extra Charges for malware protection
Easy to set up and use  
Includes a VPN  
Data breach checker  
Secure wifi checker  

#2. Bitdefender

Devices are well protected with Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android. You can securely download a specific and user-friendly application for it from the Play Store.

Free version Extra charges for additional features
Catches 99% of Android viruses  
Scans both apps and files  
Low battery impact  
Cloud-based threat detection  

#3. Surfshark AV

Surfshark Antivirus is another outstanding free antivirus for Android devices. It has a free 7-day trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee; it’s a terrific premium choice for longer-term free device security.

7-day free trial No unlimited free version
30-day money-back guarantee  
Real-time protection  
Excellent test results  
Advanced security features  

#4. Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus offers strong protection for Android. Though, there is no free version of it. Fortunately, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee and a free trial available.

60-day money-back guarantee Limited free version
Good in-house test results  
Great independent lab test results  
Dark Web Monitoring  
Real-time protection  

#5. Avira

With just one specific software, Avira Free Antivirus for Android, you will receive security, privacy, and improved performance for your device. It is completely free and offers users of Android an all-in-one antivirus solution.

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Free version Doesn’t allow to select VPN servers
Includes a VPN Paid firewall
Identity protection  
Solid protection from malware  
App lock and Call blocker features  

A Brief Comparison

 Feature TotalAV   Bitdefender Surfshark AV  Norton Antivirus  Avira
Stand out FeaturesData breach checker, User-friendly interfaceAnti-theft, privacy advisorUser-friendly interface, lightweightApp Advisor, anti-theft features, call blockingWi-Fi security, Anti-theft, junk cleaner
Free VersionYesYes7-day free trialFree TrialYes

Conclusion: Best Free Antivirus For Android

Malware no longer just targets computers in today’s world. Therefore, having at least the most fundamental security on your smartphone is necessary to protect your sensitive data and private information. Fortunately, there is trustworthy antivirus software for Android that you can use without initially purchasing a membership.

With excellent scanning tools, free Android antivirus apps can quickly assist you in identifying the most common viruses or even do automatic on-install scans for you. Thus, you would always have that additional level of protection. Some of them, such as TotalAV, can even give you additional security measures.

Although the free tools are very effective, their paid versions include even more sophisticated malware security features that are well worth the money if you want to completely forget about Android viruses.

Having said that, if you don’t already have any security, we firmly advise using a free Android antivirus. The ultimate objective should still be upgraded to a powerful security tool with a reasonable subscription cost.

FAQs: Best Free Antivirus For Android

If you still have some questions concerning the best free antivirus for android, continue reading as we address some of the most frequently asked questions.

  1. How effective is free antivirus for Android?

    Yes, free antivirus apps for Android can offer beneficial features for malware protection. However, because not all of their functions are free, they are typically employed as temporary fixes.

    Consequently, you can use the free edition to evaluate the software’s functionality before deciding whether to buy the premium version.

  2. Which free android antivirus is the best?

    For Android, TotalAV is the best free antivirus. It provides a number of helpful tools, including a data breach scanner and a Wi-Fi Checker. Additionally, it will assist you in clearing the junk from your phone, which will improve its performance.

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