Fact Check: Is Rowoon the Tallest K-Drama Actor?

Rowoon, also known as Kim Seok-woo, captivated fans worldwide with his tall, charming, and handsome presence. Beyond his striking looks, he possesses a remarkable array of talents in singing, dancing, and acting that have left audiences in awe of his multifaceted abilities. 

Acknowledging his accomplishments, Rowoon was named Male Actor Idol of the Year at the Brand of the Year Awards in 2020 and later received the Best Male Acting Idol award at the Brand Customer Loyalty Awards. 

As an artist who continues to amass recognition for his skills and hard work, one question that has persisted over the years is Rowoon the tallest k-drama actor?

Is Rowoon the Tallest K-Drama Actor?
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Timeline of Rowoon’s Height Changes

Debut in 2016The official height of the idol was listed as 189 cm by FNC Entertainment.
March 2019Rowoon reveals on “Idol Room” that his actual height is 190.5 cm, contrary to his previous claim.
July 2020In interviews for “Vogue” and “Idol Radio,” Rowoon asserts his current official height as 189.7 cm.

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The Changing Height of Rowoon

Rowoon’s journey in the entertainment industry began in 2013 when he participated in FNC Entertainment’s reality show, Cheongdam-dong 111. After training diligently, he made his K-pop debut with SF9 in October 2016. Following his musical debut, he ventured into acting, landing a minor role in KBS2’s School 2017.

Initially, FNC Entertainment listed Rowoon’s official height as 189 cm when he debuted in 2016. This figure remained unchanged on its official website until August 2020. 

However, during a guest appearance on “Idol Room” in March 2019, Rowoon revealed the truth about his height. He stated that he is actually 190.5 cm. Subsequently, his official height was adjusted to 190.5 cm.

However, surprisingly there was yet another change in July 2020. This happened when Rowoon again declared during an interview for “Vogue” and “Idol Radio” that his height is 189.7 cm. The number is now being taken as his current official height.

The Unofficial Height Speculations of Rowoon

Amidst the official height variations, a discrepancy emerged as fans speculated that Rowoon’s height exceeded 190 cm. 

Many enthusiasts relied on comparisons of Rowoon standing next to doors and fridges in various contexts, concluding that he stood at an impressive 192 cm, and some even claimed 193 cm. 

Certain media outlets also reported his height to be 192 cm. The claims were supported by other members of SF9, who hinted on multiple occasions that they agreed with the taller height.

Rowoon’s Stance on Height Disputes

Rowoon has consistently maintained that his official height is 189.7 cm, refuting the fan-speculated figures of 192 cm or higher. Despite the widespread belief in his taller stature, Rowoon has spoken out about the inaccuracy of such estimations.

As a person known for his honesty and integrity, he clarifies the situation and remains steadfast in asserting his true height.

Living with His Height

As an individual gifted with towering height, Rowoon has faced unique challenges in his everyday life. He humorously recounts instances where his height caused issues, such as when taking public transportation or navigating cramped spaces. However, he gracefully adapts, displaying considerate manners like the “manner legs” he employs for stylists and colleagues, demonstrating his thoughtfulness and professionalism.


Rowoon, the multi-talented artist from SF9, has earned admiration not only for his impressive performances but also for his unwavering authenticity.

Undoubtedly, whether he stands at 189.7 cm or even taller, Rowoon’s immense talent and genuine personality continue to win hearts.

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