From SF9 Idol to K-drama Prince: 5 Rowoon Dramas That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet!

Rowoon from SF9 is no stranger to the spotlight, and these five shows have even revived the Rowoon mania.

Rowoon, the talented and charismatic member of the K-pop group SF9, has made a name for himself not only as a singer but also as an accomplished actor. He has graced the screens in various television dramas, leaving an indelible mark on audiences with his exceptional performances.

Let’s delve into some of the best shows in which Rowoon has appeared, showcasing his versatility and undeniable charm.

1. Affection of the King (2021):

“Affection of the King,” also known as “King’s Affection,” is a captivating historical drama that aired in 2021. In this series, Park Eun Bin portrays the Crown Prince’s daughter and the twin sister of the future king. 

Affection of the King (2021)
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Based on a manhwa of the same name, the story unfolds with a fascinating premise—twins are considered a bad omen, leading to the scheduled execution of Park Eun Bin’s character. However, when the intended monarch meets an untimely demise in a mysterious accident, she is forced to take on his role while keeping her identity and first love a royal secret.

Rowoon’s portrayal of teacher Jung Ji Woon adds a modern touch to the historical setting. His character’s growing attraction to Park Eun Bin’s character adds depth and romance to the plot, making “Affection of the King” an enticing drama for viewers. 

Rowoon’s undeniable good looks and compelling acting skills make this series a perfect treat to binge-watch.

2. She Would Never Know (2021):

In “She Would Never Know,” Rowoon takes on the role of Chae Hyun Seung, a young office worker who falls in love with his sunbae (senior), played by Won Jin Ah. The story revolves around Yoon Song Ah (Won Jin Ah), a marketer for a cosmetics brand with ambitious dreams.

She Would Never Know (2021)
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Opposite her, Rowoon’s character faces societal taboos as he navigates his feelings for Yoon Song Ah, despite the differences in age, experience, and social status.

This drama showcases Rowoon’s ability to portray complex emotions and tackle unconventional roles. His chemistry with Won Jin Ah contributes to the compelling narrative, making “She Would Never Know” a captivating tale of attraction and desire.

3. Extraordinary You (2019):

“Extraordinary You” is a fantasy romantic drama that served as Rowoon’s breakthrough role as the lead actor. He stars as Ha Ru, a sweet and gentle character opposite Kim Hye Yoon’s enchanting portrayal of Eun Dan Oh. The series revolves around characters who discover they are living in a comic book, with their actions dictated by the plot.

Extraordinary You (2019)
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Rowoon’s performance as Ha Ru garnered widespread praise, highlighting his ability to bring depth and sincerity to his characters. The drama’s unique concept, combined with the undeniable chemistry between the lead actors, turned “Extraordinary You” into a must-watch for drama enthusiasts.

4. School 2017 (2017):

“School 2017” is the seventh installment of KBS2’s “School” franchise, featuring Rowoon in a supporting role. In this drama, he plays the character of Issue, a K-pop idol and lead vocalist of the band Cherry on Top. Set in a high school, the series revolves around the lives of students dealing with academic pressures, dreams, and societal challenges.

School 2017 (2017)
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Though a supporting character, Rowoon’s portrayal of the charming and misunderstood idol added an extra layer of excitement to the series. His real-life experience as a K-pop idol brought authenticity to his performance, making “School 2017” all the more enjoyable.

5. Click Your Heart (2016):

“Click Your Heart” marked Rowoon’s debut role in an experimental web drama. In this interactive series, viewers had the power to influence the storyline by voting for different endings. 

Click Your Heart (2016)
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Rowoon starred as Kim Ro Woon, a baseball star, alongside fellow SF9 members Zuho, Dawon, and Chani, each playing a different character vying for the attention of Kwon Mi Na, portrayed by former AOA member Mina.

The star-studded cast and unique interactive format made “Click Your Heart” a memorable experience for viewers, with Rowoon’s charm and talent shining through his character.

Final Words

In conclusion, Rowoon’s journey as an actor has been nothing short of impressive, from his debut role in “Click Your Heart” to his breakthrough performances in “Extraordinary You” and “Affection of the King.” 

Each show mentioned above showcases his versatility, captivating screen presence, and ability to portray characters with depth and emotion. With a promising career ahead, fans eagerly anticipate Rowoon’s future projects.

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