‘I am SOLO’ 16th Gwang-soo and Young-sook apologize for mistake in speech

‘I am SOLO’ 16th single Gwang-soo finally offered an apology to Young-sook, a hot topic.

In the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘I am SOLO’, which aired on the night of the 6th, the dating process of the 16th singles special, Youngsu, Sangcheol, Youngho, Youngcheol, Gwangsu, Youngsook, Oksun, Youngja, Hyeonsuk, Sunja, and Jeongsuk, was revealed. .

Previously, Gwang-su brought up the story of the “prenatal care story” to Young-sook and was harshly reprimanded, and he fell asleep alone last night. The next day, Gwangsu came to his senses and went to church to pray alone.

When Gwang-su returned, he called Young-sook and apologized for hurting her. Youngsook then relaxed and replied, “Thank you for your apology.” Both situations have been resolved.

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