Is Rowoon no longer a part of SF9?

Rowoon, a multi-talented artist, finds himself at the intersection of two flourishing worlds: K-pop and K-Dramaland.

As the lead vocalist of the renowned 3rd generation K-pop group SF9, he captivates audiences with his mesmerizing voice and stage presence. 

Concurrently, he has been making waves as one of the fastest-rising young actors in the Korean drama industry. 

However, in July 2022, Rowoon faced a challenging situation during SF9’s comeback, leading to questions about his future with the group.

Is Rowoon no longer a part of SF9?
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SF9’s Anticipated Comeback and Member Lineup

In June 2022, FNC Entertainment, SF9’s agency, announced the group’s long-awaited comeback scheduled for July of the same year. 

The excitement among fans was palpable as the agency confirmed SF9’s return with a stunning performance. 

However, it was revealed that the group would proceed with only six members for this comeback.

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The Reason Behind the 6-Member Formation

SF9, originally a nine-member group, had to make the tough decision of opting for six members during their July 2022 comeback.

The reason behind this change was the mandatory military service of two of their eldest members, Inseong and Youngbin. 

As a result, these members could not participate in the comeback activities.

Rowoon’s Dilemma: Clash of Drama-Filming Schedules

While the absence of Inseong and Youngbin was understood, fans were curious about the absence of Rowoon during the comeback. 

On June 24, 2022, FNC Entertainment released an official statement explaining the situation. It was revealed that Rowoon’s unavailability for SF9’s comeback was due to a scheduling conflict caused by his involvement in two popular dramas.

Rowoon’s Dramatic Journey: “The King’s Affection” and “Tomorrow”

Rowoon had ventured into the acting world and had been making significant strides in the Korean drama industry. 

One of his prominent projects was “The King’s Affection,” a historical drama where he showcased his acting prowess.

“The King’s Affection” was nearing its conclusion, and Rowoon seized another opportunity to star in the webtoon-based drama “Tomorrow.”

The Tight Filming Schedule and the Clash with SF9’s Comeback

Both “The King’s Affection” and “Tomorrow” required demanding filming schedules that coincided with SF9’s July 2022 comeback preparations. 

With his popularity soaring as an actor, Rowoon faced an inevitable situation where he had to navigate the overlapping commitments between drama filming and SF9’s album production period.

FNC Entertainment’s Statement

The official statement confirmed the clash of schedules that led to Rowoon’s inability to join SF9’s comeback activities. 

The agency acknowledged that he had to face the challenge of managing tight drama filming schedules alongside the demands of SF9’s album production.

Rowoon’s Commitment to SF9

Despite the scheduling conflict and his thriving acting career, Rowoon’s dedication to SF9 remained unwavering. 

Since SF9’s inception in 2016, Rowoon has been a pivotal member, contributing to the group’s success with his talent and hard work. 

He underwent rigorous training alongside fellow member Zuho, and his commitment to SF9 has always remained strong.

Rowoon: An Idol Actor Rising in Prominence

Rowoon’s venture into the acting world has been nothing short of remarkable. Though he only debuted as an actor in 2017, his growth and improvement have been commendable. 

With each role, Rowoon has showcased his ability to portray characters with intensity, attention to detail, and powerful expressions. 

His impressive acting skills, striking visuals, and commanding presence have earned him a place among the top 10 Korean Actor Brand Reputation Rankings.

Rowoon’s Dual Identity: A Member of SF9 and an Esteemed Actor

Rowoon’s successful foray into the Korean drama industry has not overshadowed his identity as a K-pop idol and a vital part of SF9. 

Despite his achievements as an actor, he remains grounded and loyal to his group, recognizing the importance of SF9. 

While his reputation as an actor continues to soar, Rowoon’s unwavering commitment to SF9 continues. This reinforces the fact that he is an indispensable member.

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Rowoon’s career embodies the best of both worlds – excelling as the lead vocalist of SF9 and rising to prominence as a remarkable actor. 

The scheduling conflict that prevented his participation in SF9’s July 2022 comeback showcases the challenge that artists often face. 

As Rowoon’s star shines ever brighter, he continues to prove that he can successfully navigate the realms of K-pop and K-Dramaland, leaving an indelible mark in both fields.

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