Jawan Roars at the Box Office: Shahrukh Khan’s Film Surpasses Gadar 2 on Day 1 with Massive Earnings

Jawan BO Collection Day 1: Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Jawan” has been released in cinemas. The enthusiasm among the people to watch this film is truly remarkable. Everyone is eager to watch the film. Advance bookings for “Jawan” started on September 1st, and people have been booking tickets since then.

“Jawan” has made a bumper income on its opening day. The first-day figures for the film have been revealed. “Jawan” has surpassed several other films, including Sunny Deol’s birthday release.

In “Jawan,” Shah Rukh Khan appears in five extraordinary avatars, which has generated significant excitement among audiences. What sets this film apart is that it has been released not only in Hindi but also in Tamil and Telugu languages, making Shah Rukh Khan popular in the South as well.

How much did “Jawan” earn on the first day?

“Jawan” has made a substantial income on its opening day. Initial trends are just starting to come in, and the earnings may increase further. According to preliminary reports, “Jawan” has earned over 100 crores in all languages. It has entered the 100 crore club in terms of global collections. The film has earned approximately 100 crores in its initial days.

Breaking records, even “Pathan”!

Shah Rukh Khan has broken his own record with “Jawan,” which has become the highest-earning film on its first day. While “Pathan” had earned 57 crores on its first day, “Jawan” has earned 75 crores. “Jawan” has also outperformed Sunny Deol’s “Gadar 2.” Speaking of “Jawan,” it is directed by Atlee Kumar.

The film stars Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, and Riddhi Dogra in pivotal roles. The film also features Deepika Padukone in a unique look.

Jawan Roars at the Box Office: Shahrukh Khan's Film Surpasses Gadar 2 on Day 1 with Massive Earnings

Bollywood seems to have forgotten its roots and is no longer producing films like before. Real films are being made in the South, providing audiences with fantastic entertainment. This belief is now widespread among audiences, critics, and many industry insiders.

However, the problem is that while there is talk, no action has been taken. That’s why old memories continue to be revisited. Yes, “Gadar 2” performed exceptionally well, but in terms of nostalgia, it has outperformed.

Now, a director from the South, Atlee, has joined hands with Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan, adding spice to the mix. I have not directed many films, but everything I have done has been a hit. I don’t know which elements in them tear apart each story on the screen.

Now, he has undertaken a big experiment, teaming up with Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan, the Romance King, and added a dose of masala. The final outcome is “Jawan.” However, the final result can either be a hit or a miss. So, let’s uncover the truth.


The storytelling technique in “Jawan” is to lay out all the flaws in front of you all at once. I won’t make that mistake now; instead, I’m breaking down several aspects for you. You can connect the dots yourself.

When you watched the trailer for “Jawan,” you saw four different looks of Shah Rukh Khan, one of which was a smooth shave with a different level of swag. The character’s name is Azad, who is a jailer.

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