Rowoon Girlfriend 2023: Who is SF Lead Vocalist currently dating?

Women will surely swoon over you if you work in the Korean film and drama industry, as has been the case with Rowoon’s love life. Let’s dive in to know the actor’s love life in detail.

SF9’s Rowoon is known for valuing his privacy when it comes to his relationships. While he has been open about being in a relationship in the past, there haven’t been any public reports or confirmed information about a specific girlfriend in his personal life. 

As a K-pop idol, maintaining privacy and managing public perceptions is crucial for their careers and personal well-being.

Rowoon Girlfriend 2023: Who is SF Lead Vocalist currently dating?

Did you know that SF9 Rowoon had a girlfriend before making his debut?

SF9 Rowoon and Red Velvet Joy made a special appearance on the January 23 edition of KBS’s “Happy Together” in 2020. The title tune, “Good Guy,” is found on SF9’s first studio album, “First Collection,” which was released earlier that month.

After its release, “Good Guy” won first place in several Korean music competitions and charts. In actuality, this song helped the boy band win their first-ever music show trophy.

The “Happy Together” cast questioned Rowoon about the source of the song’s inspiration due to the popularity of “Good Guy.”

When asked a question, SF9 Rowoon remembered his previous relationship and described the kind of love he had for the girl who had been his first love before making his debut.

The Idol’s Iconic Response

The idol recalled, “I had a girlfriend before I made my debut, and I thought of my memories with her. My first love was her. In my 24 years of existence, she was the one I loved most.”

After hearing this, the cast members inquired if he was the “devoted type” and “attentive type” of a boyfriend when dating. By saying that he wasn’t aware of having that side to him, Rowoon appeared to affirm this.

When his ex-girlfriend got sick, SF9 Rowoon continued, “When I heard she was sick, I brewed some tea and brought it to her.”

How far he had traveled to provide the tea further astounded everyone. He had to take a bus to get to her because she lived in Bundang, and he resided close to Samseong Station at the time.

The SF9 member would also bring her homemade porridge in addition to tea.

After telling the anecdote, he said, “Anyone would do that for the person they love.”

While SF9 Rowoon acknowledged having a girlfriend before his debut, he withheld the details of why they broke up.

Current Relationship Status 

As of this writing, it hasn’t been proven that SF9 Rowoon is dating anyone. It follows that he is probably single right now.

However, he was once rumored to be dating Kim Hye Hyoon, his co-star in the drama “Extraordinary You,” who played the part of Rowoon’s girlfriend. 

People began to suspect that they were a couple because of their strong connection and the lovely moments they shared behind the scenes. 

However, neither of the two celebrities commented on the rumor, and even their management companies said nothing. As a result, the rumor is still just that.

Ideal Type of SF9 Rowoon

Rowoon has previously provided various responses to this question regarding his ideal kind. He prefers tall people, presumably because he is tall. Additionally, he seeks a partner that is outgoing, dedicated, kind, and easy to get along with.

The singer of “Good Guy” has previously stated that he is seeking a girl “with healthy-looking eyes” who is lovely and straightforward.

Do you match the profile of SF9 Rowoon?

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