SF9’s Rowoon spills the tea about his unique counting style

Rowoon from SF9 plays Jung Ji-un, a teacher in ‘The King’s Affection,’ who finds himself confused by his increasing feelings for his royal student. But what is undeniably ‘not’ confusing is the growing number of followers Rowoon is garnering with his sensitive, amusing, charming, and enthusiastic attitude. 

Here’s an amusing truth about the idol that will make you swoon all over again.

Some time back, the radio program ‘Lee Joon’s Young Street’ welcomed SF9’s Rowoon as a guest. While responding to queries from listeners and the radio team during the radio show, he revealed a secret about himself.

Rowoon’s secret revealed

Fans observed that he was counting unusually during the ‘FIRST COLLECTION’ showcase. This led to speculations assuming there was an ulterior motive for it.

Rowoon retorted that it was out of prudence. It was simply in case he accidentally indicated his middle finger. He watched to make sure his middle finger wasn’t left out when he was counting.

sf9 rowoon
Image Source: Instagram

Fans, who initially believed it to be his own method of counting, were moved to see this. It was called an exceptional and conscientious effort on his part. This act only served as further evidence of Rowoon’s meticulous attention to detail.

However, he has previously been witnessed counting in this manner at other events too. Hence, not being the first time.

Rowoon also added on the radio episode that he enjoys devouring short novels and streaming YouTube videos of video games before getting into bed.

Upcoming Projects of Rowoon

On the work front, SF9’s Rowoon, Jo Bo Ah, Ha Jun, and Girl’s Day’s Yura are confirmed to star in the upcoming drama ‘Destined with You’!

Destined with You by JTBC is a fantasy romance about a woman who receives a prohibited book sealed 300 years ago and a guy who becomes a victim of the forbidden book.

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