SmadAV Antivirus Free Download: A complete review (USA)

Are you worried about the security of your desktop or laptop? If yes, having the SmadAV Antivirus Free Download software will fulfill your wish.

Considered one of the best antivirus protection applications, it offers outstanding security and privacy for laptops and PC while ensuring you can easily browse the Internet, download and upload files, transfer files to and from any external hardware device, and so on.

Although it is a preferred software for antivirus protection, having more in-depth knowledge about its performance and features will help you make a well-informed decision. In addition, you can also know the download and installation process and the pricing plans. This article will give you a complete walkthrough of the SmadAV antivirus protection software you should have for your PC or laptop.

What is Antivirus software?

When you browse the Internet or connect an external device to your system, there is a high chance that different forms of viral programs or software can be transferred to the system. These virus programs can be malware, rat virus, and anything else that will infect the laptop or PC and corrupt your files.

Often, hackers can implant a virus on your system through the Internet and gain control over the entire operating system, allowing access to your private files, activity logs, and browsing history.

smadav antivirus software

Although the operating systems come with protective layers and encryption logs, they are generic and don’t offer optimal security against coded viruses and malware.

This is why you need antivirus software on your PC or laptop that can form an additional protection layer, preventing the entry of any virus from an external hardware device like a USB and flash drive or the Internet.

Although nothing can guarantee 100% security, having antivirus software will at least provide you some relief from the worries of someone hacking your system and gaining access to your private files.

How to choose the Best antivirus software for your PC and laptop?

There are so many antivirus programs available on the market, so finding the best one is not easy. This is why we have prepared a small guide to help you find the ideal program to meet your requirements.

  1. First and foremost, you should look for an antivirus program that can protect PCs, laptops, and external hard drives like USB or flash drives. This way, you won’t have to get multiple antivirus software programs for different devices.
  2. You also need to check the protection level of the chosen antivirus program and learn more about the virus and malware software that it can prevent from infecting your system.
  3. For example, not many antivirus programs can offer excellent security and detection ability for root viruses which is one of the most dangerous software that forms a camouflage and infects the system.
  4. Certain antivirus software programs come with additional data backup and restoration properties. For example, if your system is somehow infected and the operating system crashes, it will store a backup of all the files saved on your local.
  5. Compatibility with different operating systems is another factor you shouldn’t miss, especially since you might be using a Windows PC and Mac laptop.
  6. Last but not least, you have to check the pricing plans of the concerned antivirus program because most of them come with a premium subscription method. Therefore, going for a free antivirus might not be ideal when you want maximum protection for your system.

Isn’t there any antivirus software free that can provide maximum security?

Although free antivirus programs are not as strong as paid ones, there is one software that will behave just like the pro version and offer you outstanding protection and safety against malware and viruses.

This is Smadav antivirus software that you can download on your PC or laptop for free and enjoy its protection features. Its latest version, 14.9, is already available for download on the official website and the 14.8 version.

What is SmadAV antivirus program software?

The SmadAV antivirus software offers an additional protection layer for your USB flash drives, PC, and laptop. Furthermore, it is available in free and premium modes, so you can scale its features and functions by switching from free to premium packages according to your convenience.

The four primary functions of SmadAV antivirus software are as follows.

  1. SmadAV acts as an additional or second protection layer. Therefore, if you already have antivirus software downloaded on the PC, you can also download this particular software as it is compatible with most other antivirus programs. Therefore, you will have double-layered security, ensuring maximum protection from virus and malware infestation.
  2. SmadAV uses three different techniques, namely whitelisting, heuristic, and behavior, to detect the presence of any threat or malware in your PC and accordingly clean the software code. In addition, it automatically optimizes the system’s security levels, thereby ensuring all your files and the operating system as a whole remain safe from corruption.
  3. Also, it offers excellent security against USB flash disks, even if the concerned virus is new and your existing antivirus program doesn’t have any idea about it. Therefore, if you want to upload any file or transfer the ones present on the USB flash drive, you can easily do so after installing SmadAV, as it will scan the drive first and then allow the connection to be established.
  4. As its size is quite small, you won’t have to use a huge data package for downloading and installing it. Apart from this, it doesn’t even use multiple resources on your computer or laptop, so the memory used at a time won’t be high. This will optimize the performance and speed of the operating system, ensuring you won’t have to wait for any app or Internet page to open.

What are the latest two releases of the SmadAV antivirus program?

In 2022, SmadAV rolled out two recent releases- Rev. 14.8 and Rev. 14.9. Both these versions come with the latest upgrades that can easily protect the overall system and ensure your computer and laptop remain safe from any virus or malware. Following are the key changes in both versions of the software.

Updates in version Rev. 14.8

  1. Added a new detection database with 11390 virus types
  2. Splash screen with a new header design
  3. Suspected virus by user feature for detecting app blocking feature
  4. False detection fixes

Updates in version Rev. 14.9

  1. Added 6840 new virus types to the detection database
  2. Better ability to find any hidden virus in USB flash drive
  3. Detection and identification of shortcuts and script viruses
  4. Reduced false detections of viruses and malware

What are the key differences between SmadAV free and SmadAV Pro version?

SmadAV antivirus freeSmadAV Pro software
In the free version, you need to update the software manually. So, there are chances you may forget to do so or won’t get notified of the same.On the contrary, SmadAV Pro comes with an auto-update feature. It means the software will get updated automatically and offer maximum security.
A message for upgrading to the Pro version will always shop upon starting the software.No message will be shown on startup.
You cannot change the theme colors.In the Pro version of SmadAV antivirus software, you can easily change the theme color.
It is ideal for personal use.Since the Pro version comes with a license, it can be used in a company or business.
There is no method to set the Admin password.You can easily set the Admin password for access control.

SmadAV antivirus free download, Learn How?

You can easily find the link for SmadAV antivirus free download on the official website. Following are the steps that you have to follow to download the free version of the software in an APK format.

  1. Visit the official website of SmadAV and click on the latest version link, which is 14.9.
  2. A new window will open up where you will see a download option.
  3. Click on that option and wait for the APK file to get downloaded. The APK file will have all the packages and codes for SmadAV software, which is why you can use the same across multiple devices.

How to install SmadAV antivirus software?

Once you are done with the SmadAV antivirus free download function, you need to install the software on your PC or laptop. To do so without any hassle, follow the below steps.

  1. The installer function or package will be stored on your local drive. Open the location and click on the installer option.
  2. The application installation wizard window will open, where you must follow the steps to complete the installation process.
  3. In the end, you have to accept these SmadAV antivirus end-user licenses and click on finish installation.

Once the installation is complete, you can see the SmadAV icon being added to your taskbar, and its status will be active. Since it’s a free mode, you don’t need any license or user identification number to activate the software.

Conclusion – SmadAV antivirus free download

In this article, we have walked you through the antivirus software and the best way to choose one for your system. In addition, we have also reviewed SmadAV antivirus free download software since it’s one of the most preferred ways to get an additional layer of protection and security for your PC and laptop. Following our guide, you won’t have any problem downloading and installing the software.

FAQsSmadAV antivirus free download

Look through these commonly asked questions to get all your doubts clarified and know a little more about the SmadAV antivirus program.

  1. Is SmadAV a trustworthy antivirus program?

    SmadAV is a trustworthy and reliable antivirus application, so you should download and install the same. Even in the free mode, it has a versatile database of more than 15,000 virus programs. Plus, it can protect your system from any hidden file in the USB flash drive.

  2. Is the SmadAV antivirus program compatible with different operating systems?

    Yes, the SmadAV antivirus program is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, which is certainly a plus point since you can easily use it across multiple devices.

  3. Should I use the SmadAV free version?

    Yes, you can use the SmadAV free version until and unless you want to access the advanced features of the program.

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