Check the Fortnite by Epicgame Ranged Weapons

Let's find out, what Ranged Weapons to Use Against Pumpkins in Fortnite?

Since Halloween is quickly approaching, we can expect updates to several of our favorite games, if they haven’t already. Not only does the game get new content,  but there is something more!

There is an entire event dedicated to the game dubbed the Fortnitemare, in which players may take part in a wide variety of spooky-themed quests and challenges. 

Fortnite by Epicgame:  Tips for Shooting Down Halloween Decorations 

As part of this week’s Fortnitemare event, Epicgame released a new task requiring players to use a Ranged Weapon to demolish five jack-o’-lanterns. This is a really simple mission. 

There are two requirements for finishing this mission. 

The first mission, locating a Ranged Weapon, is rather simple. It shouldn’t take too long to find a Ranged Weapon among the ground items and crates. It makes no difference what kind of Ranged Weapon it is. 

The next step in the objective is to demolish five pumpkins. This is not a particularly tough step, but it does take some time. If you look throughout the entire Fortnite map, you should have no trouble locating these terrifying pumpkins. 

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