Features of Need for Speed: No Limits Options for Personalizing Modern Vehicle

The next racing simulation game, Need for Speed: Unbound, will be released on December 2, 2022, and excitement for it is through the roof. 

With over ten thousand available modifications, including wraps, cutaways, rims, and more, players may now express themselves in their own unique way through their automobiles. 

Authentic Traditions 

The “most extreme display of customization” in the series’s history, these have received a lot of attention. Legendary Customs are one-of-a-kind creations that take ordinary automobiles and turn them into jaw-dropping works of art.

Wheel Modifications 

Yes, players will be able to add unique artwork to their rims this time around. 


 The new ‘wrap-editor’ feature coming to the game will allow players to experiment with a wide variety of decals. These stickers will showcase the latest and greatest in fashion, in-car culture, typography, and street art.