Google Update on Androidauto

Google is ending Android Auto support for older phones by mandating an update.

After its debut in 2015, AndroidAuto was compatible with any device running Android 5.0 or later (and above). A few months later, Google raised the bar for supported operating systems for Android Auto to version 6.0. (and above). 

This year, the minimum Android version required for use with Android Auto was raised to 8. (and above). So, Google’s latest policy of blocking access to Android Auto from older phones has begun being enforced. 

Android Auto 7.4 is the last version of the software that is compatible with phones that are running the version of the OS that is older than Android 8.0, thus users whose handsets aren’t running Android 8.0 can’t update to the latest version of the program. 

There is more to know! 

Google is hard at work on the project “Coolwalk” for Android Auto, which will be a major revamp of the platform.