How to begin with awsconsole?

So, what is aws console?

A web application called the AWS Management Console includes and refers to a large number of service consoles for controlling AWS services. The console's home page is displayed when you first log in. The home page gives a single location to get the data you need to complete your AWS-related activities as well as access to each service panel. 

Additionally, you may add, remove, and rearrange widgets like Recently visited, AWS Health, Trusted Advisor, and others to personalize the Console Home experience.

Where we can use aws console? 

In addition to other types of devices, the AWS Management Console has been developed to run on tablets: To display more on your screen, horizontal and vertical spaces are maximised. For a better touch experience, buttons and selectors have larger sizes.

What are awsconsole widgets? 

Widgets in the new AWS Console Home provide crucial data about your AWS setup and offer shortcuts to your services. By adding and deleting widgets, rearranging them, or altering their sizes, you may personalize your experience. 

How to begin using aws console? 

There are several methods to access specific service consoles using the AWS Management Console. To launch a service console, choose one of these:

- Enter all or part of the service's name in the search box on the navigation bar. Select the desired service from the list of search results under Services.  - Select a service from the widget for recently used services.

- Select View all AWS services from the Recently visited services widget. Select a service name next on the All AWS services page. - To view a complete list of services, select Services from the menu bar. Next, select a service from the Recently visited or All services sections.

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