How to make folders on iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone then for sure your phone is going to be filled with a lot of apps. It can become confusing to select applications with a lot of crowds on the home screen. So, in order to resolve this, iPhone gives you the option to arrange and organize your apps in folders on iPhone. 

The first you have to do is to tap and hold the Home Screen background for seconds until the app starts shaking.

Step 1:

Then, in order to create a folder, just drag the app onto another app.

Step 2:

After that, move other apps into the folder. By doing this, you can create multiple pages of apps in the folder.

Step 3:

Further, if you want to rename the folder, tap and hold it. Then, tap Rename and enter the new name you want.

Step 4:

Lastly, when you complete the process, tap Done, then touch the Home Screen background two times.

Step 5:

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