How to organize apps on iPhone with widget?

With iPhone, you get the power to arrange, organize, and set any app the way you want and the same goes with the iPhone home screen widgets.

Use widgets on your Home Screen and Lock Screen for keeping your favorite information at your fingertips. 

Tap and hold the app or empty area on the Home Screen until the app starts to shake.

Step 1:

To access the widget gallery, tap the Add Widget button at the top of the screen.

Step 2:

Find the widget or app you want by scrolling or searching, press it, and then swipe left and right to see the available sizes. 

Step 3:

Tap Add Widget after you find the desired size.

Step 4:

Move the widget to the desired location on the screen. And to create a seperate folder for widgets move a widget on top of another widget. 

Step 5:

Here, you can stack up to 10 widgets. 

To Know:

Swipe up to get complete tutorial on this!