How to use Apple Music?

A music, audio, and video streaming service called Apple Music was created by Apple Inc. Users may either listen to pre-existing playlists or choose music to stream on-demand on their device.

In addition to your music library, Apple Music offers ad-free streaming music that gives you access to millions of songs from the Apple Music catalogue. 

You may enjoy lossless music, receive individualised suggestions, view just available video material, make your own playlists, and more as a subscriber.

Apple Music Login Steps

You can login in to Apple services like Apple Music using your Apple ID. Apple ID sign-in page: - Launch the Settings app. - On your [device], tap Sign in. - Use the password and Apple ID. - When asked, enter the six-digit verification code that was provided to a trusted phone number or device to complete the sign-in process.

But, before this do suscribe on the apple music. For that:

Click the Sign In button in the top-right corner of, and then sign in using your Apple ID. - You can create an Apple ID during setup if you don't already have one.

To sign up for an individual membership to Apple Music, follow the on-screen directions or choose one of the following:

- Use your computer or device's Music or iTunes app to select a student or family membership. - Use your computer or device's Music app to select an Apple One plan.

Lastly, click the link in the lower-left corner of Apple Music's website to access the app directly. 

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