iPhone stuck on the apple logo?

Try these steps if you see the Apple logo or a red or blue starting screen: 

Get your iPhone and Laptop connected. Open the Finder on a Mac running Mac OS X Catalina. 

Step 1:

Then, open iTunes on a PC or a Mac running macOS Mojave or an earlier version.  On your laptop, choose your iPhone.

Step 2:

While your iPhone is plugged in, carry out the following: 

Step 3:

– On an iPhone 11 or later, quickly press the volume up button and let go.  – Then, again repeat the same process press the volume down button, and let go.  – Now, press and hold the side button after that.

Step 4:

Press and hold the buttons down until you see the recovery mode screen.

Step 5:

Select Update when given the choice between updating and restoring.

Step 6:

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