Alexa smart plug

What Exactly is Alexa smart plug?

Any socket can now be controlled by speech thanks to the Amazon Smart Plug and Alexa. Simply connect in, launch the Alexa app, and begin speaking to the device.

Features of Alexa Smart Plug

The Alexa smart plug makes sure that, in the event of a power outage and restart, your appliance returns to its previous state (on/off).

You can use the Alexa app to remotely manage your TV while you're away and use voice commands to operate your phone charger, lighting, kettle, and other equipment.

Through the Alexa app, you can create timetables and routines.

Things you should know!

The highest load that an Amazon Smart Plug can handle is 6A, thus large appliances like air conditioners, geysers, and water heaters shouldn't be utilised with it. This might lead to plug and appliance failure. Amazon Smart Plug only functions with Alexa and has to be linked to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network.