Is jada williams and mikey williams related?

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Although Jada Williams shares a last name with Mikey Williams, they are not related in any way.

Mikey, born to Mahlon and Charisse Williams in San Diego, California on June 26, 2004, has spent most of his life in the same city.

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Meanwhile, Jada hails from Kansas City, Missouri, where she was born on February 6, 2005, to an unknown father and her mother Jill McIntyre.

As of the latest available information, Mikey Williams is unmarried, but he had been in a relationship with Jada Williams.

Image Source: Instagram

Mikey had even posted pictures of Jada with him and wrote a heartfelt message, concluding it with a heart emoji.

Before moving to San Diego, Jada Williams was a social media personality and a skilled point guard.

She and her mother relocated to San Diego so that Jada could play basketball for a highly regarded high school team and leverage her online presence to secure endorsement deals.

However, it appears that Mikey and Jada Williams' relationship is no longer ongoing, as both have erased images of each other from their respective Instagram accounts.