Want to have the best christmas day?

jingle bells jingle bell!

Christmas is near and we all want to spend this day good to make this year’s celebration completely stress-free. 

Don't worry we have your back! We are here with the best Christmas day ideas. 

1. Pamper yourself

You can spend the whole day entertaining, pampering, and maybe spoiling yourself. Don’t sleep away the whole day, start with a good warm shower or a bubble bath. You feel good when you look good, spend as much time as you want to get dressed or do your hair. 

2. Visit the church

Praying will help you calm the turmoil of emotions, and you can socialize after the meeting. Shoot two sparrows with a single arrow!  

3. Cook for yourself

If don't know what to cook!

4. Buy that thing you have been wanting

Buy the dress you were killing to wear, go to that expensive restaurant, buy anything that you want this Christmas. We understand your budget boundaries but hey, if your loved ones were around, they would never want to see you craving for something yet ignore its existence.  

5. Take yourself to a movie date

You are all dressed, you are all by yourself on this crazy day, the least you can do is take yourself out for a movie date. Christmas is the best time of the year for enjoying a movie like you own the cinema halls! 

There is more on the list....