Luxury Watch Rolex debuting on iPhone 14 Pro Max

With Addition of Rolex, now you can purchase this iPhone 14 Pro Max for more than Rs 1.1 crore.

Those who think the $1,499 asking price for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is steep, just wait till you see this bad boy.  

A Rolex Daytona watch has been added to the rear of the latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max in a special version developed by designers. 

Want to know the Specs and Price of this iPhone 14 Pro Max limited edition? 

Caviar sells the limited edition Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Grand Complications Daytona for a starting price of: 1. $134,250 (1.1 crores) for the 128GB model 2. $134,580 (1.1 crores) for the 256GB model 3. $135,000 (1.1 crores) for the 512GB model 4. $135,420 (1.1 crores) for the 1TB model on their official website. 

Amazing things that you should know!

Rolex’s signature black dials, casings, and bands are all made with a PVD coating applied to titanium. The 40mm yellow gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch face features diamond accents and serves as the focal point of the special edition phone. 

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