Phool Makhana Nutrition

In India, Phool Makhana is offered to God during the festival season. Sometimes it is also used to make curries, sweet dishes, deserts or also eaten as snacks in the evening or morning.

Let's begin with the benefits of Phool Makhana

High Nutrient

Phool Makhana is a fantastic source of high nutrients food and also helps to maintain a healthy diet in your daily life. It contains high proteins, fiber, and low fat .

Helpful For Weight Loss

Phool makhana (Fox nuts) is the best snack for heart patients, diabetic persons as well as people who are trying for weight loss because it contains a good fat value. 


Makhanas have a high value of amino acids like cystine, glutamine, and arginine all are containing anti-aging properties that affect your skin. 

Balance Hormone

Phool Makhana (Fox nuts) also known as lotus seeds helps to maintain hormones in your body. 

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