NBA Lockervision: Overview

NBA LockerVision can be considered as something that gives an eye into into the locker room of every NBA team, for every game and every player. 

This can be the premier destination for NBA uniform schedules, design details, and on-court collections. 

This was officially started as an internal NBA scheduling platform. 

But, now it has become a place for fans to access the most advanced information about what their favorite team is wearing on the court each night.

Talking about the uniform, a NBA Teams can have up to five uniforms per season which are known as Editions. 

This include core uniform named: Association Edition, Icon Edition, and Statement Edition. These can be used each on-court for multiple seasons. 

The uniform named City Edition can change every year and is used as the 4th uniform in every team’s lineup. 

Whereas, the Classic Edition is worn by teams commemorating anniversaries or key moments in franchise history.

Using the NBA LockerVision platform, teams make their uniform selections for all Home games and the Road team. They can also change the color-contrasts.

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