Overview of Apple Music Replay

To revisit the songs that characterized your year, use Apple Music Replay. Find out what albums you listen to the most. Get a playlist of your favorite songs from the year as well as one for each year that you have been an Apple Music subscriber. 

How Apple Music Replay works?

Your favorite songs, albums, and artists from the last year are determined by Apple Music Replay using: - Your Apple Music listening history. - The number of times and duration a song, performer, or album has been listened to.

Check how to find your Replay playlist and share?

1. Activate the Apple Music app. 2. Click on Listen Now. 3. Your Top Songs by Year can be found by scrolling down. 

Here are some options: - See all of your favorite songs from this year in one weekly-updated playlist by opening the Replay playlist. - View the Replay playlists you've created in the past. - Your library will now include your Replay playlist. Open a Replay playlist and choose +Add or press Add.

Check your listening history on Apple Music Replay. 

1. Please visit replay.music.apple.com. 2. Use the same Apple ID you use to access your Apple Music account to log in. 3. Click Your Replay Mix is here.

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