Best Ludo Game Paytm Cash APK Download 2022

Are you considering how to support yourself while you are a student, with Best Ludo Game Paytm Cash Apps?

Financial independence is a result of working while attending school or college. Making money has many additional advantages besides just assisting your family, such as teaching you the value of money you’ve worked hard for and valuable time management skills.

Enjoy playing video games? The majority of people do! Have you ever considered that playing Ludo could give you the chance to win real money while you’re unwinding? Yes, what you just heard is true!

As technology advanced, we switched from playing physical games to playing digital ones.

The game of Ludo used to be played by 2 to 4 players seated together when we were kids, but times have changed since then. Due to the fact that Ludo is played on both desktops and laptops as well as mobile devices, there is a huge need for ludo apps.

Millions of people like playing the game Ludo. The cherry on top is a prize pool of Rs. 10 lakh Paytm cash, which you can access by using the top Ludo earning applications.

Best Ludo Game Paytm Cash APK Download

What Is Ludo Game Paytm Cash APK?

The most widely played board game is called Ludo. The lengthy history of the game extends back to antiquity. This well-known board game’s precise origins can be traced to the ancient Ellora Caves in Maharashtra, where wall carvings and paintings represent it.

This led to the conclusion that the game has Indian roots. Since then, however, Ludo has been played on boards, slates, and cloth. Ludo has gone by several names over the years, including Chaucer, Chopad, and Pachisi. Parcheesi was the name of the Spanish variation.

Since then, the game has undergone numerous modifications and alterations, becoming “Ludo” as we know it today.

The game on the board has evolved into a global sensation, with people from all over the world rushing online to try their skills at this game and earn by defeating rival players, the title of King of Ludo.

Due to Ludo’s growing popularity online, more players are joining in and looking for Ludo apps to pass the time. Ludo Fantasy APK must be downloaded and installed on a player’s smartphone in order to play the game.

Here is a guide that will walk you through every step of playing the Ludo game online, getting you in sync and ready to compete with other players using the ludo game Paytm cash apk.

Top 6 Ludo Game Paytm Cash APK Download  

#1. Empire of Ludo

To increase their winning prize, gamers can enter tournaments and make their own private rooms. The platform additionally provides an Rs. 10 enrollment bonus. You can also recommend the program to friends to increase your chances of winning money.

#2. GameZy

On the platform, you can play fantasy games like Ludo, Rummy, and many others. Each game on GameZy also offers the potential to win real money.

Users can get a sizable Rs. 100 sign-up bonus if they input a referral code. The software allows you to compete against up to three players. You can also participate in Ludo competitions.

#3. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

Ludo has been added to India’s premier gaming platform, MPL (Mobile Premier League). Wow! It is without a doubt one of the oldest and most reliable apps for playing Ludo against other players and earning a lot of Paytm cash.

Other games available on this platform include car racing, fantasy, and candy crush, as well as quizzes.

#4. EWar Games

Do you want to win real money? Check out the Wargames website, please. It is one of the best Ludo earning programs and offers a number of activities, like Ludo and fantasy cricket.

In addition to playing, you have the chance to win decent bonuses that are instantly paid into your bank account or Paytm wallet.

Your Paytm wallet can get every penny you earn instantly, and the minimum withdrawal is Rs. 10. Do you have second thoughts about using this platform? To increase your chances of winning money, take part in free competitions.

#5. Ludo League

Do you wish to have the same experience you had playing the offline Ludo game as a kid?

By offering 24 hours a day game tables, game varieties, immediate money withdrawals into your Paytm wallet, and simple payment methods, Ludo league gives you the exact same experience.

#6. Ninja Ludo

Among the best Ludo earning apps listed in this article, Ludo Ninja has the highest signup bonuses. Each referral can earn you up to Rs.100 in sign-up bonuses.

The best part is that you can reinvest your sign-up bonus or deposit more money into this app to claim additional bonuses.

The platform has an attractive referral code program and allows you to withdraw as little as 1 INR into your bank account for the first time.

Ludo Paytm Cash Game 2022 (Ludo King)

ludo paytm cash game

Play and Win with the Ludo King Cash App and Redeem Your Winnings into Your Paytm or Bank Account via UPI Additionally, you will receive a 1% lifetime commission for every game your friends play.

Amount That Can Be Redeemed Right Away in Your Wallet or Bank.

There are minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts of rupees 50 and rupees 100, respectively. Play with large sums and get 80% more money.

You can choose to redeem after receiving your winnings. This app is similar to playing real-world Ludo both physically and on a mobile device.

We just shared another Ludo Supreme offer with you, this time with a signup bonus and a referral bonus that you may use to enter the tournament.

While many people are still at home during this lockdown and choosing to spend their time watching TV, surfing the web, and playing games, you may make a tonne of money by simply playing the game of ludo.

However, we have a recently released Ludo app where you may spend your time and make money.

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Play Ludo with Real Money India

  • Ludo apps allow you to easily earn money by playing paid ludo matches against other online players who are similar to you, and if you win, you can cash out your winnings.
  • Every Ludo earning app has both free and paid matches. You must pay a fee to play paid matches, but you can also use your sign-up bonus.
  • All you have to do when a tournament or Ludo match starts is play and try to win.
  • If you win, your winnings will be credited to your Ludo app wallet, from which you can withdraw funds to a bank account or use them to purchase Paytm cash.

How to Play Online Ludo Game and Earn Money & Paytm Cash?

#Step1. First, launch the game

Selecting a board is the first step in playing ludo. The Ludo board is made of several materials, including cardboard, wood, and iron. The maximum number of players on a standard Ludo board is 4, but some boards additionally support a 6-player alternative.

All players must select a color and place their corresponding tokens on the board in the corresponding spaces once the number of players and the board has been determined. To play the board game Ludo, each player is given a total of 4 tokens.

#Step 2. Next, throw the dice.

The dice are rolled clockwise by each participant in turn. The game is initiated by the person who rolls the first six. Even rolling a 1 can occasionally be considered as a value to begin the game.

#Step 3. Move the token around the board in step three.

Bring one of your tokens into the playing area after rolling a 6. To determine the value of the dice, roll again. How many boxes your token can move depends on this number.

If a player doesn’t have a 6, they keep rolling until they do in order to activate the token.

Following the activation of your first token, you can choose to move the existing token forward or place another token on the playing area for every 6 you roll. Here’s where your strategy comes into play.

#Step 4: Capture and safeguard the tokens

You can capture your opponent’s token by landing on it. When an opponent’s token is captured, it must be removed from the playing area and placed in their yard.

To activate it, the opponent must roll another 6. The player who captures the opponent’s token gets another dice roll.

On some Ludo boards, safe boxes are indicated by a star. Your opponent will be unable to cut your token if you land on these.

You can also secure your token by creating a block. How should this be accomplished?

You can create a block that your opponent cannot pass through by placing two of your tokens in the same box. Your opponent can pass the block only if they land on the box you’ve created.

#Step 5: Participate in the game.

Roll the exact dice value to get to the Home box once you’re in the Homerun zone. If you roll more or fewer dice than the required number, you must move another token onto the board or you will miss your turn.

The player who successfully transports their tokens to their respective home boxes wins the game. If there are more than two players, the remaining players can compete against each other even after the first winner is declared.

How To Win Ludo Sign up Bonus & Money?

  • Get all of your tokens into the game right now. By doing this, you will be able to rely on options rather than a single token to get you to the finish line.
  • Keep the pieces on the board moving at all times.
  • It is best for you to spread your tokens out as much as possible around the ludo board. This clarifies your next move and enables you to respond and adapt to any unexpected move your opponents may make.
  • Instead of limiting yourself to the play in your hand, make a plan for your next move and look for it on your next roll of the dice.
  • This will give you the advantage of clouding your opponents’ perception of your intentions.
  • Eliminating your rivals quickly and strategically opens a clear path for your tokens to advance.
  • Importantly, your chances of winning the Ludo online game increase the more opponent tokens you destroy.
  • Make a plan for your escape and keep an eye out for opponents laying up a trap for your tokens. You can secure your pieces with timely involvement.
  • The safest place is near your home; whenever you need to get out of a tight spot during gameplay, only move if you have rolled a six on the dice.
  • Never be afraid to strike or move. To stay ahead of the curve, strike whenever an opportunity arises and move quickly across the board when given the opportunity.

Ludo Game Paytm Cash APK FAQs

#1. What is the winning Ludo technique?

By putting your token on the other player’s token, you can win if you’ve never played Ludo before.

To remove a token from the game and return it to the home base, players need to roll a six on the dice.

#2. Which Ludo offers actual cash prizes?

The Ludo Earn game from MPL offers a novel and thrilling spin on the well-known board game of Ludo, and players have the chance to win actual cash.

#3. Is it possible to make money by playing Ludo?

If you enjoy playing online ludo games, you can easily earn ludo money. The majority of people enjoy playing online games, and earning money while doing so is a huge win-win situation.

We transitioned from playing physical games to playing digital ones as technology advanced.

#4. How does one obtain the number 6 in Ludo?

When one-quarter of the green ticker has cleared, i.e. one-fourth of your time to roll the dice has passed, tap on the dice.

If you roll the dice now, you will almost always get a six.

Conclusion- Ludo Game Paytm Cash APK

We hope you found our list of the ludo game Paytm cash apk to win money in 2022 helpful. While there are many different ways to make money from playing ludo, these apps provide a fun and easy way to earn extra cash. With so many different apps, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and preferences. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today and see how much you can earn.

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Disclaimer: *This is just an informative blog written to provide basic details. We don’t believe in supporting or promoting any kind of loan, betting, or game-earning app. Use these kinds of applications at your own risk.*

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